Environmentally Friendly: What Does Eco Friendly Actually Mean?

We toss around the phrase "environmentally friendly" so often, has it lost meaning? What does it mean to be "eco friendly"? 

Going green and saving the planet can be creative ways to describe how we care for the earth, and all of it supports the idea of being friendly to the environment. However, sometimes these phrases become more of a marketing term or a way to brand products and ideas than truly bettering the planet.

What do we mean when we say "something" is "environmentally friendly?" Are the products you use truly earth friendly? Keep reading to learn more about the meaning behind these terms!

Being Eco Friendly

eco friendly globe in two hands

What is eco friendly? The term "eco" is short for "ecological." In the context of "eco friendly," the phrase describes being kind to the earth and its ecological systems. 

Short of hugging your lawn, being eco-friendly means choosing behaviors and products that either benefit the earth or cause it no harm. However, accomplishing that can depend on a variety of factors. Production processes, ingredients, materials, and usage can either support the environmentally friendly status of a product or take away from it.

All Or Nothing

An eco friendly product loses the effectiveness of being earth friendly if any components conflict with a "green" effort. A manufacturer must use only biodegradable materials to create ecologically friendly trash bags. Plus, the packaging and production process must be zero waste to support your choice to use a green trash bag instead of another option from the store shelf.

Without an entirely green process, an environmentally-friendly product doesn't truly help the environment.

Are Phrases Interchangeable? 

Is "going green," the same as being "eco friendly?" In most cases, various earth-friendly terms represent the same idea: choosing products and processes that help protect and enhance our earth. If you strive to live in a way that doesn't hurt our planet, you can claim any number of earth-loving terms to describe your favorite products, behaviors, and choices.

  • Going green often means choosing practices that can lead to a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. From the food you eat and the clothes you wear, you choose a "green" way of life to support the earth. It's a verb!
  • Environmentally friendly usually describes something that "is." You choose a product or support an environmentally friendly business.

When your way of life supports a healthy, happy earth, the terms you use to describe what you do or consume become technicalities. Your lifestyle reflects your commitment to creating less waste, choosing biodegradable products, and participating in daily life through ways that don't hurt the earth.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Just "be" environmentally friendly! Start with the products you use to contain waste. BagUps are certified for biodegradability. Our trash bags promise not to become waste while helping control yours! Plus, these bags are strong enough to handle heavy loads without rips or tears.

Go green and shop our Made in the USA products!


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