Answers to Your Trashy Questions

How do I contact BagUps if  I am having issues ordering, or my package never arrived, or it arrived damaged?

Email us at and we will respond as quickly as reasonable possible.  We can help you through the ordering process, track your package if it never arrived or arrived damaged, and send you a new order if necessary. 

How do I check my order details and the status of my order?

When you completed the purchase of your order you should have received an email from info with a subject line with your name and order #.  In the body of the email is a link back to your order where you can see all the details of the order.  If we have already processed the order it will have a status of Fulfilled and there will be a USPS or UPS tracking number.  If you click on the tracking number it will take you the carrier's site and show you where your order is in transit so far.   

What do people like most about BagUps®?

We have several components that our customers like:
* Made in America
* Biodegradable
* Patented Dispensing 
* Assembled By Veterans and People With Disabilities
* Veteran Owned
* Subscription Available

My account sign on is not working any more.

When we created our new website we created it on a new platform - so unfortunately you need to create a new account.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Where are the BagUps components made and where are they shipped from?

Our plastic bags and cardboard boxes are manufactured 100% in New Jersey, and assembled and distributed 100% in New Jersey by Veterans and People with Disabilities.

How are BagUps Biodegradable? 

BagUps® uses an environmentally friendly ASTM D6954 certified, OxoBiodegradable bag and recyclable cardboard box which is environmentally responsible and does not pollute the environment. Unlike traditional garbage bags that will pollute landfills for centuries, BagUps oxo-biodegradable bags break down in approximate 24-36 months depending on conditions.

Can I have bags automatically delivered?

Yes! Simply sign up for our subscription option on the Buy Now product page. You can choose how many bags and how often you’d like to receive them. And there’s no obligation, stop or change your delivery schedule at any time.

Is BagUps available in larger sizes?

BagUps will be offering 30 gallon bags that can be ordered through our website in the near future.  If you have an immediate need please email us at

Does BagUps sell to businesses?

We currently have several businesses that we supply on a regular basis.  We plan to expand our commercial business in 2021.  

Will BagUps ever sell regular trash bags and consider sourcing components and/or labor from outside of the US ? 

We are committed to Made and Assembled in the USA,  Veteran Owned, and making a difference for our environment.  We have complete confidence in our manufacturing and distribution partners to deliver the best product in the industry.  In the words of Capt. Jack, we don't need to go outside the USA.  

What makes the BagUps product unique?

We have our 6 components: Made in America,  Biodegradable, Patented Dispensing, Assembled By Veterans and People With Disabilities, Veteran Owned, and  Subscription Available.  Most other trash bag product companies have at most 2 of these components. Our refill model also allows customers to get a new 2 month supply of bags right in their mailbox just in time before they run out.  So they never run out of trash bags in the home or the trash can.  As far as we know, no one else has that.