Why I'm Eco Friendly?

Today, to strike a harmonious chord with the earth means to be eco-friendly.

If you do not reuse, recycle, or refuse to use products that are environmentally unfriendly, you lose more than you gain in what you experience in terms of well-being and s better quality of life.

That is why I like to use products, such as BagUps, which are biodegradable – products that don’t produce the type of unwanted waste that kills marine life in oceans or creates over-clogged landfills.

BagUps are strong and biodegradable bags that degrade naturally after about 24 to 36 months.

They fade away nicely and therefore make the planet more sustainable.

I also like to reduce, reuse, and recycle items.

Recycling, for me, has become a habit.

I believe in the old saying – Waste Not, Want Not, and therefore believe recycling unwanted items is much better than pitching them in the trash.

Making Recycling a Habit

Because it takes more energy to produce raw materials, I have made recycling a habit.

If I do use any plastic bottles, I recycle them.

Otherwise, I use a steel reusable container when I drink water.

By recycling, we can break down reusable products and produce less pollution and waste.

When this happens, we also improve the environment – an environment that becomes extremely fragile when we abuse it with harsh chemicals and emissions.

A Budget-friendly Practice

Not only is recycling eco-friendly, it is also budget-friendly.

The practice conserves our natural resources, creates jobs, and saves people money.

Therefore, a greater revenue is generated by recycling materials.

In the U.S., recycling can also be considered patriotic, as we are reducing our dependence on raw materials from countries abroad.

The company, BagUps, shows its patriotism and commitment to a better world by hiring U.S. veterans and disabled people to assemble its bags.

Therefore, buying a product from a company with these types of ethics makes being eco-friendly even more worthwhile.

Regardless of how big a part you play in the greening of the planet, it counts.

Therefore, being eco-friendly means integrating recycling, reducing, and reusing in our daily activities.

Being eco-friendly should be the standard by which we live, not an exception.

By adopting eco-friendly living practices, we can also serve as good role models for our kids.

Taking this stance builds a solid foundation for a greener future and planet.

You can do your part by buying green-friendly BagUps and recycling unwanted soda cans, glass and plastic bottles, and cardboard and wastepaper.

Make recycling a family activity so your kids can show their kids in the future.

Conserving Energy

Living green also means conserving energy and choosing alternative forms of energy, such as wind power and solar power.

At this time, we, as a society, are highly dependent on fossil fuels to drive our vehicles and overall power.

Therefore, these limited resources are used extensively in transportation, industry, and electric generation.

However, we still need to remember that these types of energy are not renewable – a day will come when we will not be able to use them.

At the rate we currently use them, these resources will become exhausted fairly soon.

Needless to say, getting in the habit of conserving energy is vital.

That means switching off the lights or electronics when you are not using them and using energy-efficient appliances and forms of transportation.

Now is the time to make it a habit to choose eco-friendly products over products known to harm the environment.

This type of destruction may happen during the manufacturing process, during use, or upon disposal.

You can find eco-friendly products, such as BagUps, online.

Besides biodegradable products, you can buy items, such as organic foods, organic beauty products, and organic clothing.

While some items may be more expensive, they will benefit you and the environment.

The additional money you pay now can be offset by the medical bills you may pay later.

Growing Plants and Trees

Part of eco-friendliness for me also includes growing plants.

Growing trees and plants balances out the eco-season and reduces the effects of pollution. You can grow your own garden, participate in growing plants in a community garden, or volunteer your time at a nature reserve.

If you choose to plant your own garden and cultivate plants, you can save on what you pay at the grocery and add to the overall air quality.

Plants add oxygen to the air, and make the air we breathe purer and fresher. Moreover, gardening is shown to calm you and the plants provide a sense of peace.

That is why this hobby is one of my favorite eco-friendly activities.

Gardening will also teach you more about the organic process.

Instead of using harmful pesticides and fertilizers, you will learn about growing and cultivating plants naturally and safely.

Adopting organic and green gardening processes will help you learn more about the importance of crop rotation and matching plants to soils and to the environment where they grow.

I have plenty of reasons to be eco-friendly.

I hope you can see why this type of practice makes life better overall and why you should start getting into this habit now.



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