What is Composting?


Composting is a way of reusing leftover scraps of food and yard waste, such as leaves, for the production of fertilizer.

It also is a great way to improve the condition of your grass and soil. Composting reduces the amount of organic waste ending up at a waste-to-energy site or landfill.

Some people call compost “black gold,” as it enriches their soil and greens their lawns without chemicals.

Materials Used for Compost

Some items used for materials include the following:

  • Leaves and grass clippings
  • Brush trimmings
  • Non-animal food scraps, such as vegetables, peelings, cereal, bread, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags (without the stables), tea leaves, and old wine.

To participate in composting, begin by creating a compost pile. By adding compost to the soil in your yard or garden, you will reduce erosion, keep organic materials out of landfills, and increase your soil’s water retention properties.

During the hot summer months, or when it really gets hot, raise the cutting height setting on your lawn mower.

Doing so will keep your grass’s roots shaded and cooled, prevent weed growth, stop the grass from browning, and decrease the need for watering.

You can also grasscycle – leaving grass trimmings on your lawn instead of bagging them.

The leftover clippings will return nutrients to the ground and soil and free up the landfills.

If you have healthy plants that you wish to replace, do not throw them out. Instead, start a community garden or donate them to an established community garden, park, or school.



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