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  • 15 Ways We Can Help Save The Planet

    Eco friendly actions are a great way to help save the planet. As an individual, you have a significant impact on the environment and how it is treated. The choices you make every day can either harm or protect our world. Help support the effort.
  • How Can I Be Even More Eco Friendly?

    One of the ways to reduce hazardous waste is to carefully consider your purchase of commercial products. Some products are simply safer to use than...
  • What is Composting?

      Composting is a way of reusing leftover scraps of food and yard waste, such as leaves, for the production of fertilizer. It also is a great way t...
  • My Favorite Kitchen Product is BagUps

    I like to think I am doing my part to keep waste down and support a healthier environment. After all, I manage a community garden that advocates or...
  • Living an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

    Some people get so used to using traditional items, filling up their car with gas, and doing other activities that really do not conserve energy, t...
  • Why I'm Eco Friendly?

    If you do not reuse, recycle, or refuse to use products that are environmentally unfriendly, you lose more than you gain in what you experience in terms of well-being and s better quality of life.
  • What Is Going Green?

    When someone is greening their home or going green, they are being eco-friendly, environmentally responsible, and performing ethical practices at t...
  • How To Organize Your Home Recycling

    Recycling Plastic Bags

    Use biodegradable garbage bags to eliminate plastic bags around the home.

    To begin organizing your recyclables, start with plastic bags. If you recycle any plastic bags that contain food, make sure any of the food residue is removed. You can organize and add the following plastic bags in a bin, as follows:

  • The Case Against Plastic

    According to research findings, the ocean contains approximately 46,000 plastic bags per square mile. That kind of waste can profoundly affect aqua marine life. For instances, a turtle can suffocate if it gets entangled in a plastic bag or a whale can starve if he eats the stuff and has no way to get rid of it.
  • No Ordinary Kitchen Gadget

    The health of the environment is more important now than ever, and alternatives to synthetic plastics are emerging in the market.

    One great example of this would be the use of biodegradable plastics or green trash bags in place of the harmful plastics.

  • What Does Environmental Sustainability Mean?

    The environment is at risk, and its preservation has become a huge hot button topic. From political arguments to natural disasters, you can't go a day without seeing something related to the environment in the news.