WE aRE 100% USA!

BagUps® are 100% made in the USA, veteran owned and operated, and assembled and packed by veterans and people with disabilities. 



Air Force Capt. Jack Licata had office duty once a month that included emptying trash cans. He kept thinking, why are the replacement bags not easily accessible, and why does this have to be so messy? And all these plastic bags certainly aren’t doing our environment any favors. He wondered why no one ever thought of a tissue box for trash bags? Instead of looking in your kitchen cabinet for the next bag, you just pull one out and the next one pops up ready to use. And he thought, why not make them eco-friendly at the same time.  While developing BagUps®, Jack’s fiancé was in a car accident that left her with a head injury and disabled. In the 10 years of her rehabilitation, Jack spent thousands of hours at her side in hospitals assisting her with cognitive and physical therapy. He came to realize that disabled people are just like you and me. They were veterans injured serving their country, individuals who were in car accidents, or had a stroke, and countless others. Jack decided that, if there ever was a way he could make a difference for that community, he would. 

We may be trashy BUT WE ARE OH So LOVEABLE

Go troops!

We’re veteran-owned and operated.

Yay, America!

We’re 100% made in the U.S.

Good jobs, good people

Packed and assembled by veterans and people with disabilities.

Trashy, but green

Our trash bags are ASTM D6954-04 certified, degrade into worm food in 24-36 months, and don't stick around forever like other bags.

Just as hefty

Our 24" X 32" tall kitchen trash bags are .95 MIL and just as thick and tough as your current bags.

Patented Dispensing System

Our dispensing system ensures you do not need to look for another trash bag for your can, & our subscription model refills ensures you will never run out of trash bags in your home.

Let's all be trashy together!

OUR TRASH BAGS HAVE been all over the news!