Customer Testimonials

QVC Reviewer
"I found Bag Ups easy to use. These bags are as durable as my regular every-day trash bags. I haven't had any problem using these bags. I just love the way this product works and makes life easier. It's a time saver."
Amazon Reviewer
"I have to say these little biodegradable trash bags are awesome. The thing i like the most is that when you pull up to take out the trash the next bag follows up and you are good to go again. This is really easy and fast."
Burger King Restaurant Manger, Rutherford NJ
"I really like the BagUps®, it really saves time because I dont have to go back and fourth to get another bag. Not only are they hard to tear, but they are also environmentaly friendly! I'll definitely be buying more and more!"
Wendy's Restaurant Manger, Rutherford NJ
"These are the best bags! Great for the community and very efficient. They are very easy to use. Just drop the bag down. When ready to throw out, pull it from the trash can and a new bag is already there waiting for you to use. Convenient and eco-friendly!"
Hardee's Franchise Employee
"It's nice not to go to the back room to get a bag every time I need to change a trash can. All cans never need to be changed at the same time, this makes it so easy."
John Gonzalez
NYC Health & Hospital Corporation, Director of Housekeeping
"This simple idea saves up to one (1) man hour per person, per day"
Hardee's Cost Controller
"This system saves 24.85 hours per month, per store"
SVDP Volunteer
"These bags make everything simple and fast. I work in a soup kitchen and BagUps makes my cleanup process a lot faster!"
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Open and grab first bag, drop BagUps® box down into bottom of the trash container.


When Bag is full, remove as normal. Next bag is attached to line container.


When last bag is removed, it also removes box. Please detach and recycle.
bagup & replace

Open and grab first bag, drop BagUps® box down into bottom of the trash container. Then, pull-Up. When the Bag is full, remove as normal. The next bag is attached to the line container. Finally, when the last bag is removed, it also removes the box. Please detach and recycle.

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OXO Biodegradable

Bags break down in approximately 2 years instead of thousands of years like a regular bag.

Made in theUnited States

Proudly 100% made in USA. Made with recyclable materials.

Assembled in theUnited States

Packaged in the USA by Veterans and People with Disabilities.