Top Photo: Jack Licata, a graduate of the Citadel & Nuclear Missile Launch Officer, receiving a Captain's award.

Creating Employment Opportunity for Disabled Vets

In 1990, Jack Licata's fiance was in a car accident that left her with a head injury and disabled.

In the 10 years during her rehabilitation, he spent thousands of hours at her side in hospitals assisting her with cognitive and physical therapy. He also got to know many of the other patients. "These were people just like you and me who, through no fault of their own, were disabled," said Licata. "There were people who got hurt in the service, were in a car accident, or had a stroke. I decided that, if there ever was a way I could make a difference for that community, I would."

Now, with the company ReCircle Brands, Licata is achieving his goal. He has developed the company's first patented product, BagUps®, and is focusing on growing his business.

Licata's inspiration for the product came while he was working as a nuclear missile launch officer in the Air Force. Once a month he had "office duty", and this included emptying the garbage can at the end of the day. "I hated it!"" he said. Convinced that there was a better way, he did some research at fast food restaurants and then came up with the concept for BagUps®.

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About Bagups®

BagUps® is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We use oxo-biodegradable bags and recyclable cardboard boxes to reduce our impact on the environment.

Did you know conventional trash bags takes thousands of years to breakdown? BagUps® bags take approximately 2 years, depending on conditions. So, it's real easy being green!

Letter From the Founder Viewers,

"I had been thinking about this ever since I had been a captain in the Air Force twenty years ago. Like any idea whose time has come, it makes perfect sense. Why struggle with messy trash bags and bins? Why not have replacements be easily accessible? And, why not make them all eco-friendly and OxoBiodegradable?

Such was the thinking behind BagUps®, our innovative trash bag system packaging multiple trash bags in a recyclable box. Open the package, remove the first bag, place it in your trash receptacle and it's all set. When that bag is full, merely remove it and the next bag slides into place. We hope you find BagUps® useful and user-friendly. We're committed to being your partner in leaving a zero waste footprint.

Fast Bags® Corporation is committed to making eco friendly products not built to last; saving our planet one green product at a time. BagsUps® are OxoBiodegradable, packaged and assembled by Veterans and people with disabilities.

Learn how we are altering the way people change their trash in the world today!"


Open and grab first bag, drop BagUps® box down into bottom of the trash container.


When Bag is full, remove as normal. Next bag is attached to line container.


When last bag is removed, it also removes box. Please detach and recycle.
bagup & replace

Open and grab first bag, drop BagUps® box down into bottom of the trash container. Then, pull-Up. When the Bag is full, remove as normal. The next bag is attached to the line container. Finally, when the last bag is removed, it also removes the box. Please detach and recycle.

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