The Problem...

People are always looking to make tasks around the house more efficient, especially when it comes to cleaning and picking up around the house. When it comes to taking out the trash, where is the convenience? All the steps to take out the trash occur in different places. The same goes for commercial facilities. How much time and energy is wasted locating and replacing trash bags?
A lot, and time is money.

The impact of garbage on our environment is profound. Many trash bag products contribute to the many issues befalling our environment by using non-recycled plastic and other non-degradable materials. A regular plastic bag takes about 2,000 years to degrade.

Unemployment is a harsh reality for many people, especially veterans. The unemployment rate among veterans has been, and remains, higher than the civilian population.

In addition, people with disabilities often see less opportunity for employment, and that opportunity needs to be afforded to them. Even with so many quality people looking for work, companies continue to take their jobs outside the United States where honest labor is "cheaper".

The Solution... BagUps®!

Bagups offers the convenience to homeowners that other bag products do not by putting the bags in the can. But better yet, Bagups' packaging container is itself, a multi-patented dispensing system that puts all of the steps of taking out the trash in one place! Now the process of taking out the trash is easier and more efficient, while keeping your hands out of the can.

In addition, the implications on a commercial business is undeniable. Bagups could save the hospital, school, or any other commercial environment one and a half man hours per 100 bag changes. In the long term, that's millions of dollars saved!

To do their part in protecting the environment, Bagups bags are oxo-biodegradable and will degrade in approximately 24-36 months, depending on an assortment of factors. The cardboard packaging container is also 100% recyclable.

Bagups recognizes that the best quality products need to be made right here in the USA, and by people who deserve and need the work in our very own communities. That's why all bag up products are made in the USA by people with disabilities and our country's veterans.

simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Drop BagUps® box into trash. When full, remove as normal. Replace with next attached bag. Upon use of the last bag, simply detach and recycle.

Saving you time and frustration.

Grab first bag.

Drop BagUps™ box into bottom
of the trash container.

When bag is full...

Remove as normal. Replace with
next attached bag.

After last bag...

Remove as normal. Detach and
recycle box

Unique Trash Bag Membership Opportunity

The BagUps 3 pack is a product that people will run out of and need to replace every 90 days or less. Currently over 62% of BagUps consumers have purchased the product again after they've run out, and sales are split almost equally between females and males. This shows loyalty for the product once it has been purchased.

BagUps has a multi-patented dispensing system unlike any other bag manufacturer. This system allows for refills of the bag rolls which eliminates having to replace the box every time. Our BagUps membership - the Trash Bag Club - will allow for customers to sign up for automatic bag roll refills for their BagUps dispenser which will allow customers to put new rolls in their existing box.

The cost to BagUps for each membership club reorder will be less than the initial customer purchase because the cost of the box, the labor for assembly of the box, and some shipping charges will be reduced or eliminated. Some of these costs savings could be passed on to the customer. And the overall carbon footprint associated with delivery of a 3-pack is reduced by up to 50%.

The elimination of the box allows the refill rolls to fit in an 8 1/2" x 11" envelope. This will allow for deliver to any approved US Post Office mailbox or slot, and removing the need for a doorman, delivery to a depot site for pickup, and potential theft if the shipment is left outside a door. This feature will attract subscribers from urban areas where packages cannot be easily delivered or go missing in addition to subscribers from the more common suburban and rural areas.

Trash bags are a basic consumable with many choices that are readily available in retail stores, and therefore some customers might be reluctant to sign up for ongoing reorders. But customers that desire delivery and subscription of products like diapers and razors have fueled growth in companies that provide these products to $500M+ valuations. BagUps is well positioned to set the trend for trash bag subscriptions because of the unique membership model and our patented dispensing and refill process.

Buying a product like BagUps is not an impulse buy - a consumer has to decide that they want the convenience of the dispensing and reorder, and maybe to benefit the environment, US economy, and veterans.

This unique business process will allow a BagUps customer to again experience the convenience of the dispensing system each time they take the trash out of the can, and to receive a 3-pack supply to their household before the last bag from the previous order is used. The customer will never run out of trash bags in their can or in their home again. No other bag manufacturer can offer this level of convenience. And every member of the club will be helping to save the planet each time they take out the trash!

Cost Saving Analysis


Market Potential...

  • Share of Market: consumer trash bags is 39%, institutional trash bags is 26% and industrial liners is 35%
  • Number of U.S. Registered Hospitals: 5,686
  • Number of Schools in the U.S. (recorded in 2010): 98,817
  • US "Household" Market Size: $2.4 billion in 2013
  • Number of Households in the United States: 115,610,216
  • Every Year, the United States generates approximately 230 million tons of "trash"
  • 63% of trash bags for homes are sold through grocery stores
  • 37% are sold through mass market stores and drug stores
  • Store brands, Hefty, and Glad dominate with a combined share of 93%, leaving about $168 million for niche players
  • 71% of consumers think green when purchasing
  • 78% of Americans would rather buy an American made product
Sources: US Census Bureau, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo,

Competitors &
Their Weaknesses

  • Glad
    • Products not biodegradable or eco-friendly
    • Not made in the USA
    • No dispensing system that saves time & money
    • Does not employ Veterans & People with Disabilities
  • Hefty
    • Products not biodegradable or eco-friendly
    • Not made in the USA
    • No dispensing system that saves time & money
    • Does not employ Veterans & People with Disabilities
  • BioBags
    • No dispensing system that saves time & money
    • Does not employ Veterans & People with Disabilities
  • Green Legacy
    • No dispensing system that saves time & money
    • Does not employ Veterans & People with Disabilities
  • Natural Value
    • No dispensing system that saves time & money
    • Does not employ Veterans & People with Disabilities

Success with Dispensing Systems

Companies like BagUps®
Diaper Genie Purchased for $75M
Purell purchased for $141.5M
Heinz Ketchup upside down bottle for increased functionality.
A year after the bottle's debut, Heinz ketchup sales rose 6 percent
Domino Sugar's 4-pound canister gets a more user-friendly package.
The canister is now one of Domino's best-selling retail items
Chewy Chips Ahoy bag improves freshness and convenience.
Since 2005, this item has accumulated over $44 million in sales

SWOT Analysis for BagUps®

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats Analytical Framework


Multi-patented, easy to use dispensing system
Veteran-owned small business
Supports People with Disabilities and Veterans
Environmentally Friendly - Biodegradable Bags
competitively priced


Big brands are beginning to go green
Easy to be outspent
Retail Market Established


No brand recognition in the industry
Not Scented, No Drawstring


To penetrate the multi-billion dollar bag industry
Quality Character Appeal (community support)
Multi-Tier Distribution: Commercial, Residential, Retail, Online

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Making a Difference, One Bag At a Time.

BagUps® News & Media

Check out the "buzz" around BagUps®

Sold on QVC.

Sold average of $1,000 a minute.

Featured on Fox5.

Feature on Valentines Day segment "Nix the Nagging".

Veteran and Military Business Owners Assoc.

Voted Top 15 Veteran Owned Small Business in US by Lt Col. Oliver North.

Bloomberg Television.

TV Segment on Reinvesting in American Made Products.

International Housewares.

Awarded as the top green product of that year.

The Wall Street Journal.

Interviewed for "Made in America" Products.

Fox & Friends

BagUps Featured on Fox and Friends on Veterans Day.

MSNBC Network.

Named in the top 5 green products of the year.

State of New Jersey.

Named BEst Product by Lt. Governor of the State of NJ.

The Shopping Channel

Bagups featured on The Shopping Channel.

CBS Network.

Featured in the network.

The Hotel Experience.

Named Best New Product runner up.

BagUps® Established Product Sales

BagUps® in the Market

Department of US Veteran Affairs
The preferred vendor of the Department of US Veteran Affairs.

Four and a Half Year+ Supplier
Used in Veteran Affairs Hospitals throughout the Tri-State Area.

US Foods
The biggest distributor in the United States.
A BagUps® carrier.

PO's ready to be written!

Purchased online for use in kitchens by people all over the United States.

62% Reorder Rate!