Frequently Asked Questions

Are BagUps® bags recyclable?
BagUps® are low density polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable.

Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world and has many uses including grocery bags, shampoo bottles, children's toys and even bullet proof vests.

How much Post Consumer reclaim is used in BagUps®?
The percentage varies by thickness of the gauge of the bags ordered. The thicker gauges have more reclaimed material.

How much Post Industrial reclaim is used in BagUps®?
The 1 mil or greater gauge bags are up to 100% post industrial reclaim. Post Industrial is cleaner than Post Consumer reclaim.

Are there any larger sizes available?
Yes! We offer larger bags for commercial use. These larger bags are available with or without the BagUps® EZ Trash Bag Replacements. They come in any size you require.

What is the thickness of the BagUps® bags?
13 gallon bag has a thickness of .7 mil or 17.78 microns. We can accommodate any size. Bags can be made to order.

How long does it take to biodegrade in the landfill?
The best estimated guess would be that the product would reach bio mass state in 18 to 24 months.

Will I be allowed to sign up for a subscription so that I can get new orders of BagUps® automatically?
After your first order is delivered we will contact you to see if you want to join our membership club. When you join the Fast Bags Club we will send you a new order of 3 rolls of bags (51 in total) to arrive every 90 days or on the day you request. Membership club customers will never run out of a bag in the can or a new roll of bags in their home. At any time a member can adjust the timing of their reorder or cancel their membership.

Do I have to arrange for delivery of these automatic reorders to my home or agree to have the automatic reorders be left outside my door?
Your initial order will contain 3 boxes with a roll of 17 bags in each box. For the next order we will send 3 refill rolls in an 8 1/2" x 11" envelope. The envelope should fit in a standard size mail box or through a standard size door slot like the rest of your regular mail. The envelope also allows us to save costs on packaging, cardboard boxes, and the cost of shipping, which adds to our mission of allowing our customers to save the planet one bag at a time.

Does a Fast Bags Club member get a discount on all future orders?
Fast Bags Club members get a discount (still to be determined) on all refill orders. We will attempt to pass on our savings on manufacturing materials, labor, and shipping costs to our loyal membership customers. Periodically or when requested we will also send members new boxes for free, and in the future provide additional discounts to Fast Bags Club members who bring in other new members.

How is the Fast Bags Club different than a subscription with the other trash bag companies?
The other companies do not have a product that has a patented dispensing system that's makes changing the trash more convenient. They do not have a bag that is oxo-biodegradable, made in the USA, and assembled by veterans and people with disabilities. And they do not have a refill product that can fit in your mailbox so you always have trash bags just in time. The other companies don’t have a product that ensures you never run out of a bag in the can or a roll of bags in the home, and that saves time and the planet every time you take out the trash.


Open and grab first bag, drop BagUps® box down into bottom of the trash container.


When Bag is full, remove as normal. Next bag is attached to line container.


When last bag is removed, it also removes box. Please detach and recycle.
bagup & replace

Open and grab first bag, drop BagUps® box down into bottom of the trash container. Then, pull-Up. When the Bag is full, remove as normal. The next bag is attached to the line container. Finally, when the last bag is removed, it also removes the box. Please detach and recycle.

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OXO Biodegradable

Bags break down in approximately 2 years instead of thousands of years like a regular bag.

Made in theUnited States

Proudly 100% made in USA. Made with recyclable materials.

Assembled in theUnited States

Packaged in the USA by Veterans and People with Disabilities.